How to rent a car
2014_Q5_Crossover SUV_1Planning on going on vacation or visiting your cousin who is a few states away? If so, you will need to know how to rent a car before you go. It’s always advisable that you plan ahead before jumping onto the plane. This way you know what to expect when you get there. To start, look up a few car rental companies in the area where you plan on going to. For example, if you are coming from California to Florida – it is a good idea to call these companies ahead of time. Ask them if you can book an appointment over the phone and see if they have your preferred car already there. Smaller companies might not have a lot of cars to choose from so it’s best to choose from an established car rental place.

How to rent a car

After you have contacted the car rental place, take a look at their website. You might have a change of heart when it comes to the type of car you want to rent. Also it is possible to find cars that are more affordable. Each company rents on a per day basis so the normal going rate is anywhere from $20 to $60 per day. The website might have special deals so it is always good to look into this. There might be a deal where if you rent a car for 5 days, you get two extra days free which means you can keep the car during the weekend.

Learning how to rent a car is very easy. Anyone should be able to do this. Remember that you look into the contract before any papers are signed. Also, inspect the vehicle before renting. You need to make sure it is in good shape. There have been some cases where car companies have not taken pictures of the car when it was rented by a previous customer. The customer returned in with a dent and the next renters were blamed for it. Don’t let this happen to you!

Car Buying Tips
2013_Accord_Coupe_1Most young adults don’t pay attention to car buying tips before purchasing a vehicle. Don’t be like one of these individuals because you could regret your vehicle purchase. There is no way to return a car unless it has some sort of engine problem that prevents you from driving the car. Because of this, you need to focus on getting a car that you actually see yourself driving in. Don’t just purchase a car because it is affordable. You could pay a bit extra for a car you really want. This will minimize trade ins. When you trade in a car, you are actually losing out on money. To avoid this, we have provided you some car buying tips that will help.

Write down the names of a few vehicles you are interested in driving. Look them up in the Kelly Blue Book to determine the price. During this time, you can determine what your budget is to see what cars are suitable for you. See how much money you have left each month to spend. You’ll most likely be making monthly payments and this is why you should do this.

Look at some of the extras for the car. See what types of extras you need. If you are buying a car for your startup transportation service, GPS is a must. It might be a few thousand extra for this add on. Otherwise, you could pick up a $200 GPS system and mount it within the car although this isn’t as reliable.

Aside from these useful car buying tips, it is always best to check miles per gallon. You need a car that can go far. You might even decide on buying a hybrid or electric car to save on gas. However, you’ll probably be paying the same if it is a brand new hybrid car because they can cost a lot more.

Tips on getting a car lease
2014_RDX_Crossover SUV_1There aren’t many great car deals around these days now that the market has changed however you can lean on getting a car lease in order to get the most out of your money. If you need a better alternative to purchasing a car, a lease is perfect for you. Did you even know that 20% of vehicles in the United States have been leased?

It’s important to know that as a consumer, you shouldn’t lease a car every two years. This can become very expensive and you’ll most likely be spending more as opposed to buying a car. It’s fine to lease one time at least until your able to afford your dream car.

Here are a few tips on finding the best car lease deals if you don’t already know the process:

Think about if you are really ready to lease a car. Does the bus ride take too long to get to work? If so, it is about time you get a reliable car. If you can’t afford to buy, leasing is fine.

Look over certain factors like the down payment amount and any fees that may come with this. You also need the exact total on monthly payments so this way you can calculate if it is in your budget.

See if you are eligible to skip the down payment. If you have good credit, you’ll probably be able to do this so make sure you ask the dealership. There’s no need to put $2,000 down that same day you purchase the car. After all, you still want to have some cash left to spend on other important things.

Remember that when you look for cars, prices are always negotiable. Don’t be afraid to barter with the salesman. Also, be sure you read anything that is in fine print before signing for a car you want to purchase.

See… getting a car lease is easy!


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